OSPOA provides supportive advertising and sponsorship packages for any business that desires to invest in law enforcement!

     The Oklahoma Peace Officer magazine is produced twice yearly. The magazine is mailed directly to over 1,500 OSPOA members, paid publication subscribers and to all the supportive advertisers that make the magazine possible. The Oklahoma Peace Officer magazine is also readily available for all site visitors to enjoy.
      OSPOA provides all types of supportive advertising packages as an excellent product marketing opportunity to reach a diverse base of member law enforcement personnel which includes all departments and agencies throughout Oklahoma.
Marketing opportunities and sponsorship’s that helps you to engage the Oklahoma law enforcement community:
  •  Print Media
  • Website Banners
  • Monthly e-Newsletters
  • Sponsorship of OSPOA Events & Annual Training Conference
     Our editorial content contains both local and national news and information which the majority of content is primarily written by experienced law enforcement personnel and professionals. These articles relate to important topics and laws that matter to our targeted audience.


      A unique opportunity has been added to “the OK Peace Officer” magazine called “Showcase Your Business”.  This includes displaying your business on the front cover and includes the centerfold 2 or-3 pages.

  For more info regarding this opportunity please email:  headquarters@ospoa.org or please call 405-272-5120

Our magazine, website banners and the OSPOA monthly e-Newsletter is your connection to Oklahoma’s law enforcement colleagues statewide.


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Exclusive Featured Content of the Oklahoma Peace Officer


The Squad Room – humorous stories, unusual encounters and clean police related jokes. We’ll post your favorites, just send them into us.

Beyond the Badge  – segment with valuable info usually focusing on emotion,  physical health or issues as such.

YOUR Newsfeed Corner  Your corner for questions & answers, rant & raves…what ever you like, it’s your call.

The Heart Behind the Badge –  A spot to hi-lite the good deeds LE does.  Feel free to submit pictures and stories.

A Blast from the Past – Not hard to figure this segment out.  Submissions welcome.

If you would like more information regarding these opportunities please contact our offices today!

Goals of the OSPOA

  • Promote the enforcement of law and order.
  • Advance the sciences of crime prevention and the detection of crime.
  • Encourage cooperation and mutual assistance between law enforcement agencies.
  • Promote and encourage high standards for law enforcement and honor in the profession.


The Criminal Justice Professionals of OSPOA’s mission is to educate, empower, and equip our law enforcement community on a local, federal, state and tribal level, by identifying their needs and those of the citizens of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

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