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OSPOA – Advanced Combat Pistol Level 1 Special Training

with Marshall Luton

Lead Instructor & Director of Operations at
Tulsa Defensive Shooting Academy


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**See Video of Training in Action** 


Join us Saturday June 22nd, at the

Oklahoma County Range from 9am-6pm

for this

Dynamic Combat Shooting Course!!!


Advance Combat Pistol Level 1 Training will be taught by Marshall Luton, Lead Instructor & Director of Operations, The Defensive Shooting Academy. This will be a phenomenal day of shooting sponsored by


BioSheen Services LLC


Advanced Combat Pistol Level I:

You will receive professional and personal attention throughout this course. It’s the most beneficial course taught by TDSA because everything you learn can be applied to any application, including what it takes to win a lethal encounter. This course has proven to benefit both the novice shooter and I.P.S.C. grand master’s alike. Not only is it the foundation of all our training, the techniques you will learn in this course will help you improve in other shooting disciplines as well. You will improve your shooting skills, gun handling skills, greatly enhance your confidence level, and have a terrific time doing it!

You will learn:

The fundamentals of shooting: specifically, proper body positioning, grip, sight alignment, follow through and most importantly, proper trigger control.
Speed shooting techniques and how to maintain your ability to shoot quickly without losing your accuracy
How to operate your pistol reflexively to ensure accurate, stance-directed fire
Techniques used by the top shooters in the world
Speed reloads, tactical reloads and the emergency or slide-lock reloads
The draw from both concealed and open carry
Multiple target engagement and shooting from distances ranging from 5 to 50 yards
How to properly pull the trigger so you can, as we say, “prepare to fight again”
Transitioning from target to target with lightning speed and accuracy

You will need:

Your pistol and as many magazines as possible
A securely fastened holster
A stiff belt
At least 2 magazine pouches (either one double or 2 single mag pouches)
1000 rounds of ammunition minimum
Ear and eye protection
Something to drink
Chair or something to sit on
Proper attire for the weather and conditions
A hat and/or sunscreen is advisable


All funds go toward OSPOA Training Events and Support Programs. So come enjoy the day, Earn CLEET hours, Improve your Shooting Skills and help support OSPOA host future Training Events and Support Programs for Oklahoma Law Enforcement!!



In order for you to receive the highest level of training possible,

this event is limited to 40 students.


SPECIAL PRICING till May 31st!!!

OSPOA Members Price $75 after May 31st $100

Non Members Price $125 after May 31st $150

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OSPOA Members Benefit
OSPOA Members enjoy Early Registration Pricing AND Special Member Pricing!!! Register by May 31st for $75

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Oklahoma County Range

Lt Col Dave Grossman and Sheepdog Seminars

with Jimmy Meeks,  Carl Chinn and Officer Greg Stevens 

June 27th and 28th 8:30am – 4:30pm

Metro Tech ATS Lecture Hall, Metro Tech Braynt Campus, OKC

Metro Tech South Bryant Campus

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