Active Membership

Active membership is for those who are actively engaged;

  • full time in law enforcement as commissioned law enforcement officers;
  • persons who are serving as reserve law enforcement officers;
  • criminal prosecutors;
  • criminal prosecutorial agencies or the criminal courts systems, who work in direct support of the law enforcement;
  • those who have retired from active service in law enforcement as commissioned law enforcement officers, reserve law enforcement officers; criminal prosecutors;
  • to include, but not limited to those who are employed as investigators, secretary’s, clerks, information officers, technicians, detention officers, communication officers, court reporters.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to persons who are:

  • not actively engaged in law enforcement but hold a commission without salary from a department, including an Active Member who drops out of law enforcement for reasons other than retirement;
  • or any other person who is currently employed in or retired from any criminal justice related field, to include but not limited to; Licensed Polygraph Examiners, the criminal courts, court reporters, private safety and security professionals, along with any other individuals employed in direct support of any of these activities.

Membership Benefits

Each Active Member and Associate Member receives the following benefits:

  • Networking with Fellow Officers and Agencies
  • Subscription to The Police Officer Magazine
  • $5,000¬†Accidental Injury¬†Benefit
    (Up to $25,000 in Benefits)
  • Free Law Enforcement Training

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