2017 OSPOA Annual Scholarship Program

     Each year the Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association awards scholarships to individuals seeking a career in criminal justice through law enforcement. The OSPOA  has established a professional partnership with McIntrye Law of Oklahoma City as the sponsor of the scholarship program.

The Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association offers three (3) $1,000 scholarships:

  • $1,000 to a member for advanced training
  • $1,000 to a spouse of a member for further education
  • $1,000 to a local student interested in law enforcement/criminal justice

      Recipients of the scholarships are awarded each year personally by Noble McIntyre of McIntyre Law at the OSPOA Annual Training Conference. Student Applicants must complete an application for the scholarship award and are required to provide a certified copy of their high school transcript or, if already attending college, a certified copy of a current  college transcript along accompanied with the scholarship applications. Also, the applicant is required to attach a handwritten essay describing their reason for choosing law enforcement as a career in addition to a description of their involvement, (if any),  within law enforcement at the time of the application.

All information will be held in strict confidence.

     All scholarship applications must be received at OSPOA Headquarters no later than March 15, 2017.  Applications received after that date will not be considered.  OSPOA Scholarships will be awarded by Noble McIntyre on April 6, 2017 at the OSPOA Annual Awards Banquet  

Serving Law Enforcement Since 1914

       Noble McIntyre, founder and principal of McIntyre Law P.C., also  serves as the President of the Oklahoma Association of Justice. In keeping with his strong beliefs that every Oklahoman deserves justice, he fights to preserve the rights of those who have been injured. His community involvement and charitable work are big parts of his everyday life, and he has brought these values to his law firm. Through events like the McIntyre Law 7th Annual Day of Kindness and other community functions, he gives back on a daily basis.

       McIntyre represents clients who have been injured by the drugs such as Xarelto, Paxil and Levaquin as well as those injured by hip implants manufactured by DePuy, Biomet and Stryker. He also represents hundreds of women harmed by Transvaginal Mesh in addition to clients catastrophically injured in semi-tractor trailer and automobile cases. He works tirelessly for his clients to achieve the best possible result and just compensation for their injuries. He is an honors graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University and a graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Law. Read more about Noble McIntyre.

OSPOA Scholarship Application

      Please select the link below to download the pdf application for the scholarship.  You may email to headquarters@ospoa.org, fax the application to 405 272-5130 or you may mail the scholarship application to: Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, 416 N.W. 8th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102. Click here to download the OSPOA Scholarship Application!

Goals of the OSPOA

  • Promote the enforcement of law and order.
  • Advance the sciences of crime prevention and the detection of crime.
  • Encourage cooperation and mutual assistance between law enforcement agencies.
  • Promote and encourage high standards for law enforcement and honor in the profession.


The Criminal Justice Professionals of OSPOA’s mission is to educate, empower, and equip our law enforcement community on a local, federal, state and tribal level, by identifying their needs and those of the citizens of Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is in compliance with Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of Education Amendments of 1972 and sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicapped status in any of its policies, practices and procedures.