Who We Are

Oklahoma Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association

Advancing The Cause of Law Enforcement

The Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (OSPOA) is Oklahoma’s oldest law enforcement organization. The association was founded in 1914 and incorporated in June, 1929. In 1960, the association established its official headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The OSPOA is an organization representing all branches of law enforcement; municipal, county, state, tribal and federal.

The OSPOA is governed by an Executive Board which appoints an Executive Director and other association staff. The Association President, Secretary / Treasurer and Board members are elected at the annual conference and meet on a quarterly basis to conduct Association business. Special meetings may also be called by the President.

Goals of OSPOA

  • Promote the enforcement of law and order.
  • Advance the sciences of crime prevention and the detection of crime.
  • Encourage cooperation and mutual assistance between law enforcement agencies.
  • Promote and encourage high standards for law enforcement and honor in the profession.

OSPOA strives to achieve these goals through…

  • Holding an annual training conference and law enforcement trade show.
  • Conducting conference training and special law enforcement training programs.
  • Activities of various association committees.
  • Supporting the annual state law enforcement pistol competition
  • Support of legislation to aid the law enforcement community.
  • Providing an annual scholarship program.
  • Providing an annual awards program to recognize those in law enforcement who have lost their lives in the performance of their duty and others in law enforcement who have distinguished themselves in the performance of their duty.

Benefits of OSPOA

Legislative Issues

OSPOA is actively involved during each legislative session on bills that may impact or be beneficial to law enforcement.

OSPOA Scholarships

CLEET Training

Conference attendees can obtain the required continuing education provided by CLEET trainers and other professionals in break out sessions.

Election of Officers

OSPOA conducts its official business and election of officers at the Annual Conference.

Annual Training Conference

OSPOA provides a venue for group meetings of additional law enforcement agencies and OSPOA promotes fellowship and good will by becoming better acquainted with fellow officers at the annual training conference.