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Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Oklahoma's oldest law enforcement organization since 1914

Since 1914, we’ve been training law enforcement of every branch to fight crime. Just imagine being around when the Wild Bunch, Bonnie and Clyde and various other criminals and mobsters were around. We definately have been around longer than any other organization in Oklahoma representing law enforcement!
The Criminal Justice Professionals of OSPOA’s mission is to educate, empower & equip our law enforcement community on a local, federal, state and tribal level, by identifying their needs and those of the citizens of Oklahoma.
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August 18th -20th

The Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association has confirmed the new date for the Annual Training Conference for August 18th – 20th, 2020.

We will be sending out emails to our subscribers to update you for the Firearms Qualification Training, new class updates and more.

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There are still sponsorship opportunities available for the conference. Go that extra step in placing your company in front of the attendees!
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Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

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Who are our members?

Our membership base is a wide array of law enforcement agencies and departments. From begining rank to administrators, the OPSOA provides benefits and training services across Oklahoma.



Any full-time employee of a government criminal justice agency (or retired) or a CLEET certified Reserve Officer. If you are past the age 65 when you apply for membership, you are not entitled to death benefits.



An former active member no longer in law enforcement for any reason other than retirement; or anyone who is commissioned but not certified by CLEET and not salaried by a department.

All memberships expire January 31st of each year.

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OSPOA Membership Benefits & Services

  • 1. Oklahoma Legislative Activity

    OSPOA is actively involved during each Legislative Session on Bills that may impact or be beneficial to law enforcement.

  • 2. Life Insurance Benefits

    The designated beneficiary will receive the monies from two different accidental death insurance policies at no cost to each member of the OSPOA.

  • 3. OSPOA Business Meeting

    OSPOA conducts it’s official business and election of officers at the Annual Conference which is held each spring.

  • 4. OSPOA Group Meetings

    OSPOA provides a venue for group meetings of additional law enforcement agencies and OSPOA promoted fellowship and good will by becoming better acquainted with fellow officers at the Annual Conference.

  • 5. OSPOA Continued Education

    Conference attendees can obtain the required continuing education provided by CLEET trainers and other professionals in break out sessions.

  • 6. OSPOA Scholarships

A 501(c)3 Non Profit Corporation

Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association